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Kylie Minogue Disco (Vinyl LP) | Lemezkuckó CD bolt


Előadó: Kylie Minogue

Megjelenés dátuma: 2020-11-06


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7.690 Ft
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  • UPC: 405053863404
  • Formátum: Vinyl LP


Kylie Minogue  Disco  

Blue Vinyl
Coloured Vinyl, Indie Only, Limited Edition



DISCO is the first new album since the 2018 ‘Golden’, which hit number 1 in both the UK and Australia. A departure from her previous country-influenced album, it includes influences of 1970s and 1980s disco, as well as modern-day club music. Work continued on 'DISCO' during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with Minogue using a home studio to record throughout lockdown. Alistair Norbury, president of Minogue's record label BMG, announced to industry title Music Week that Minogue was also learning to record and engineer her own vocals using music software Logic Pro in order to continue working apace during lockdown. As with her previous studio album, Minogue has also co-written all of the material herself. While she has written songs on every one of her albums since 1990, it is the first time she has engineered her own work. Kylie has multiple awards and accolades to her name, including 3 BRIT Awards, 2 MTV Music Awards and a Grammy.

    • 1. Track 1
    • 2. Track 2
    • 3. Track 3
    • 4. Track 4
    • 5. Track 5
    • 6. Say Something
    • 7. Track 7
    • 8. Track 8
    • 9. Track 9
    • 10. Track 10
    • 11. Track 11
    • 12. Track 12